Summer’s The Season For Picnics


Spring and summer are the perfect time to find any excuse to get outside. Plan a picnic with family and friends and skip the restaurant next time you want to get together for a meal.

Planning your outdoor meal, whether an intimate affair for 2 or a massive family event, should be part of the fun. By hosting an outdoor meal, the atmosphere is immediately more laid back and casual than a dinner party, so the food and décor can be similarly simple. Preparing easy foods that don’t require reheating is always a good option, or you can opt to fire up the grill. Another way to introduce a new aspect of excitement is to host a potluck picnic, asking everyone to bring a favorite dish to share.

If you are hosting in your own backyard, make sure the accommodations are comfortable and welcoming—while also sticking with your sustainable style. Outdoor furniture like our teak collections or 100% recycled HDPE options are Earth-friendly and inviting, turning your backyard into an outdoor hosting oasis. For a rustic touch to your outdoor setup, use vintage or repurposed pieces for tables or seating. It’s another way to go green, and also a conversation starter among guests.


Taking the show on the road? A fully contained picnic kit is essential. Cleverly designed to hold dishes, glassware, flatware, and linens along with your food and drinks, our picnic kits are an all-in-one must have, plus the dinnerware included is bamboo and the glassware is recycled glass.


There is plenty of time for the formal and serious celebrations, but summer is the season to get outside. So, pack up your picnic basket or fire up your backyard grill and take your next party outside.