sunny and sustainable…
resurrecting the sunroom


As the weather gets cooler, the idea of a sunroom sounds better and better. Even if you don’t have the classic glass-enclosed sunroom, you can achieve the same open, airy feeling with a few tricks. Any sunny room with lots of windows and natural light will work. If you live in a more temperate climate, an enclosed porch can even be pressed into service as a sunroom. How can you make a sunroom work for modern life?


Your sunroom doesn’t have to be a unitasker. It’s an ideal space for a dining table, or a seating arrangement. In fact, a sunny and spacious dining room is almost begging to be transformed into a multi-purpose sunroom.

Comfortable and convenient

The most traditional use of a sunroom is as a second living area, so comfortable seating is vital. Adding lots of pillows and throws can add a cushy, cozy feel that will see you through even the chilliest days.

Environmental control

A traditionally built sunroom may not include heating or air conditioning, if yours doesn’t, consider adding a fireplace, or space heater, and a ceiling fan to help circulate air.

Going green

Potted plants are practically a requirement for a sunroom. They help blur the line between indoor and outdoor space and create a refreshing, relaxing atmosphere. Plus they’re terrific natural air filters!


Skip the television and opt for music instead. Grab some Bluetooth speakers to connect to your computer or iPad and enjoy the tunes!


Keep it simple and comfortable. Try a relaxed, beach cottage feel with weathered woods and light colors, then add some hurricane lamps and cool candles to feel like you’re at the beach even in the middle of winter.

The floor

Don’t forget to dress the floors, add an area rug for texture and plushness. If your room is open to the backyard, make sure your rugs will handle a bit of moisture. A natural-fiber like jute is the perfect solution for a sunroom.

Bonus tip


Your sunroom can also be a perfect home office. Just add a good, supportive chair and a solid Wi-Fi connection. We’re not responsible for how distracted you may get in your fabulous space!

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