summer sleep…
making your bed for a cool night


Summertime and the livin’ is… warm. By the time July rolls around, most of us have swapped out our winter bedding in favor of lighter covers. Sure, that could be as simple as putting away the heavy duvet and wool blankets, but we still want our summer bedding to feel as rich and luxurious as it did all winter long. We just want it to be cooler.

Take the chance to do a little summer swap. Pack up the dark colors and heavy fabrics until cooler weather returns. Instead top your bed with a lightweight cotton or linen blanket (for the occasional chilly summer night). While you’re at it, change out to all-cotton percale or jersey sheets for a cooler night’s sleep. Continue reading

beat the heat…
stay cool without the AC

south-beach-7When the mercury rises and the sun starts beating down, it’s easy to reach for the thermostat and turn on the air conditioning. Sure, that blast of cold air feels good on a sweltering day, but it comes at a cost. Cooling our homes gobbles up incredible amounts of energy, increasing our carbon footprint. There are countless ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning – from simple things like sealing your windows to more complex things like installing a whole house fan. But, there are ways to stay cool without even turning on the AC. A few simple changes will keep you comfortable in warmer temps, without resorting to the constant hum of the air conditioner. Continue reading

four green fixes…
for $50 (or less)

Quick Fixes

We believe little, incremental changes can lead to big impacts. That’s why we did the post on little things you can do around the house for big green impact. We had so much fun with that one, we’re bringing you part 2!

By now, the concept of switching incandescent bulbs for CFLs and LEDs is standard operating procedure. If you haven’t tried CFLs lately, you’re in for a surprise. Modern bulbs are brighter, better lights with a variety of color options. So, you’ve swapped out your old bulbs for new energy-efficient ones and you’re looking for your next project. If you’re not ready to tackle the big stuff yet (or maybe you’re a renter), there are still plenty of little things you can do to make a difference in your at home energy consumption. We’ve rounded up four simple fixes that can be done in one weekend. And they’re all $50 or less.  Continue reading