there’s an app for that…
the green version

We’ve covered green apps before, from finding sustainable seafood to tracking your dog walking, it just makes sense. Our smartphones go where we go, and the electronic landscape is always changing; there are currently nearly 300 green apps listed in the iTunes and Google marketplaces. With more and more people focused on living a more sustainable lifestyle, we decided it was time to revisit the subject for a review of what’s out there in the world of green apps. Continue reading

virtual rearranging…
saving your aching back one app at a time


Ever sat in your favorite chair and wondered what the view would be like from another part of the room? Or how your walls would look painted that rich red you love so much? We’ve all got an inner interior designer lurking within us, and most of the time, what stops us from acting on those ideas is a combination of fear (not wanting to make a mistake) and darn it, moving furniture is hard work! Continue reading

go for a walk…
it’s not just for pets


Walking, it’s healthy, easy exercise and a great habit to get into, not just for the health benefits. It’s also a great way to get around, if you live close enough to resources like grocery stores, doctor’s offices and  the like. If your New Year’s resolutions included getting fit, or driving less, walking should be high on your list of things to do. So how do you incorporate your feet in your day-to-day moves? Continue reading

there’s an app for that…
mobile tools for green living

Today, most of us live with our smart phone almost constantly by our side (or in our hands!) Why not transform your phone into a green powerhouse? With a selection of free apps, it’s easy. We found some great green apps focused on recycling and other green tools, and most are available for iPhone (and iPad) as well as Android. Continue reading