bambeco founder Susan Aplin on NPR

Our name, bambeco, celebrates bamboo, a plant that is often cut down and removed because it can be invasive and crowd out native plants. But in its native environment, bamboo is one of the most sustainable crops available and it can be made into an amazing array of products.

Give a listen to bambeco-founder Susan Aplin’s interview with NPR!


sustainably grown…
taking a look at wood

To celebrate Arbor Day this Friday, we’re celebrating trees. Arbor Day was originally meant to be a simple idea – set aside a special day to plant a tree. Today, that simple idea is more important than ever. Planting and nurturing trees embraces the beauty of nature, helps clean the environment and so much more. So, if Arbor Day is all about planting trees, why are we talking about wood products? Planting trees is just one part of the equation. We also need to look at how we grow, harvest and use wood to preserve the forests that are already here. Continue reading

bamboo in the kitchen…
it goes beyond cutting boards and floors

Sustainable options for kitchen gear are a bit limited. There’s stainless steel, ideal for its recyclability, and then comes recycled plastics. Steel can be expensive, heavy and may not work with every type of décor. Plastics are usually the choice if you want color or different style. Plain glass is recyclable, but treated glass like Pyrex is not, ceramic is not recyclable at all (though natural ceramics and clays are a sustainable choice), and the jury is still out on melamine. What else is there?

Enter bamboo. Continue reading

design time…
sustainable flooring options

The floor’s the thing…


Whether you’re starting from scratch or remodeling an existing house, making greener choices in building materials helps ensure your home will be eco-friendly from the ground up. One notoriously tricky spot is flooring. Floors need to be durable, livable and attractive. Requiring that they also be sustainable makes it a tall order, but fortunately, there are options out there!

Sustainable options range from reclaimed materials, to using clean, renewable sources. Take a look at just a few of the stylish, and sustainable, flooring options currently on the market and decide which fits your style, life and budget. Continue reading

bamboo everywhere!
what makes bamboo green?



OK, sure, that’s what gives the bamboo plant its color, but that’s not the green we’re talking about. Anywhere you see bamboo products you’re likely to see words like “eco-friendly” and “sustainable.” You might also see “renewable” and “green” and all sorts of other terminology that all point the same direction. Heck, we do it ourselves! Our bamboo products are certainly labeled that way because we want our customers to know what they’re getting.

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