Think Bamboo for Furniture


Fast growing, environmentally friendly, strong, and versatile. It sounds like the perfect material, which is why bamboo is gaining popularity in building material and furniture.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, some capable of growing as much as 35 inches in just 24 hours. This speed means harvested bamboo can be replenished exceptionally fast from the same roots, reducing the time a plot of land lays barren. Subsequently, bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than almost any plant on the planet, as much as 12 tons per hectare, and releases as much as 35% more oxygen than equivalent areas of trees according to Indonesia-based nonprofit Environmental Bamboo Foundation.

Along with the environmental benefits of bamboo, it possesses many features that are ideal for a building material in homes, furniture, or flooring. It is lightweight and exceptionally strong, among the strongest growing woods on Earth. Its tensile strength surpasses that of some steel and it weight-to-strength ratio is superior to graphite. This means furniture that will last for many years, further reducing consumption and promoting reuse. Bamboo crops also yield a greater amount of usable material from a smaller area than timber, improving efficiency and protecting less sustainable trees from being harvested. Bamboo is so resilient it survived closer to the nuclear blast in Hiroshima, Japan than any other plants and it was among the first plants to regrow.

Beside its structural and environmental benefits, bamboo is also aesthetically beautiful. Its clean lines and smooth features are great in naturalist, minimalist spaces and it can be at home in any room. Our new bamboo bedroom furniture collections are a green update on classic, mid-century style.

Asian cultures have relied on bamboo for a multitude of uses for centuries, from medicine to food, shelter, musical instruments, and weapons. Fortunately for the planet, modern civilizations are discovering the benefits and beauties of bamboo and the shift from hardwoods to bamboo is one of the first big steps you can take to begin changing the world, one room at a time.