New Bath Towels Mix Luxury, Sustainability & Function


We all do our best to live sustainably. Maybe you compost, recycle, use renewable energy, or drive a hybrid vehicle. You probably try to conserve water too, especially when it comes to showers. But you still want the comfort of a luxurious home retreat. Fortunately, it is possible to pamper yourself and protect the environment.


For the environment, our newest collection of bath linens uses only the most sustainable and responsible materials. Each towel and washcloth is made with 100% organic cotton that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and colored using only Oeko-Tex certified dyes that are guaranteed to be natural and nontoxic, both for you and environment. Organic cotton uses less water in production so it conserves resources, and it grows all-naturally without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Farmers use special techniques, natural fertilizers and protectors, and crop rotation to help their cotton grow to its full potential without harming the environment.


For you, these towels are made with comfort in mind. A lush 700-gram weight means they are super thick and soft, and extra absorbent. Towel gram weights measure the density in grams per square meter. Measures range from 300 to 900, with anything over 600 considered premium quality. The result is a towel that feels better against your skin and gets you dryer faster.

By combining the sustainability of organic cotton and natural dyes with an exceptionally high density, we are revolutionizing what it means to stock a more eco-friendly bathroom. You won’t feel guilty pampering yourself, your family, or your houseguests with these gorgeous—and green—towels.