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Bedroom part 1

Just looking at bedding options can seem overwhelming. There are so many different things to choose, from the type of sheets, and whether or not to use a dust ruffle, to different types of pillows and whether to use a blanket, quilt, spread, duvet, or… the list seems endless. Understanding the basic terms is the first step to sorting it all out and getting down to what’s really important, a well-made bed! Continue reading

bed making…
a more modern approach

bed making

We’re on a bit of a bedroom theme this week. It just makes sense. As the seasons change and cooler weather comes along, one thing that tends to change radically is what we’ve got on our beds. Your bed should feel comfortable and welcoming, and we’ve offered tips on achieving that layered look and going a bit lighter for a summertime bed. Today we’re delving even deeper into bed making territory to create a bed that’s effortless, elegant, personal and most of all, luxurious and green. Continue reading

making the bed…
achieving that layered look

Morning Fog Bed

The bed, it’s the highlight of your bedroom, and we spend a significant amount of time in it. Why not make it a sanctuary of comfort and sustainability? The new year is a perfect time for change – to update your look, freshen the linens and switch to organic bedding. Head to any linens department and prepare to be baffled as you’re bombarded with dust ruffles, duvets, shams in all shapes and sizes and dozens of different types of sheets. Well, we’ve got you covered, and with a terrific bedding sale going on, we’ve made it easy to step into sustainable slumber. Continue reading