the down lowdown…
getting comfy with the basics

down lowdown

Fall is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time to break out the warmer bedding. What could be more comfy and cozy on a cool night than a fluffy down comforter? Well, nothing, as far as we’re concerned. Down can be a perfectly sustainable option, and with the right choices, can stay on your bed all year long. But how can you choose the right comforter or pillow and what exactly is fill power, and what are all those numbers? We’ve got the basics broken down, keep reading for the down lowdown. Continue reading

making the bed…
achieving that layered look

Morning Fog Bed

The bed, it’s the highlight of your bedroom, and we spend a significant amount of time in it. Why not make it a sanctuary of comfort and sustainability? The new year is a perfect time for change – to update your look, freshen the linens and switch to organic bedding. Head to any linens department and prepare to be baffled as you’re bombarded with dust ruffles, duvets, shams in all shapes and sizes and dozens of different types of sheets. Well, we’ve got you covered, and with a terrific bedding sale going on, we’ve made it easy to step into sustainable slumber. Continue reading