Eco-Wool – A New Addition To Your Healthy Bed


Your bed should be your most comfortable escape after a long day. And it should also be healthy, for you and for the planet. Our new Eco-Wool Mattresses combine comfort with the piece of mind of all natural, nontoxic materials for the best in eco-friendly bedding.

Our Eco-Wool is completely untreated, untouched by chemicals or bleach, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. Sourced strictly from Oregon-based farmers who raise their sheep humanely, without any extra pesticides or chemicals, the resulting wool is super high quality and extra clean. Wool is also naturally resistant to allergens like dust mites and mildew so it will remain pure even with use. Plus, wool is naturally flame resistant so there is no need for any type of flame retardant chemicals that are found on other mattresses.


The cleanliness of Eco-Wool is the clear benefit to your health, but how does it benefit the planet? Wool is an extremely sustainable material that can be made with limited ecological impact. Our farmers’ sheep are treated humanely and can produce wool multiple times over their life. Wool is also long lasting, reducing demand for new material and consumption to produce that material, and when it comes time to dispose of wool it’s even compostable!

Our Eco-Wool batting is enclosed in a natural melton wool casing that makes it extra breathable to maintain comfortable temperatures. Layer one with piles of lofty bedding in the winter or light linens in the summer and your bed will be just right for a good night’s sleep.



How much better could you sleep if you knew you were resting on the purest, safest, healthiest bed possible? And that your loved ones were, too? Eco-Wool is the perfect combination of safety, sustainability, and comfort to let you rest easy every night.