Organic Cotton: For People & Planet


When it comes to bedding, nothing beats organic cotton. For comfort, purity, and environmental impact it is the top choice.

Organic cotton is grown completely naturally. That means no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers, only the extra care of the farmer to ensure it grows. Our organic cotton, like that used in our brand-new bedding, is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Their strict rules for certification ensure only the top quality, most responsibly grown and harvested cotton earns the distinction. In fact, GOTS requires any textile to be at least 70% organic material to earn certifications, but our bedding goes above and beyond by using 100% organic fibers.

In addition to utilizing GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton, our latest bedding collections—and all of our bedding—uses only Oeko-Tex Certified dyes. Oeko-Tex is a similarly stringent certification that tests for harmful substances. By using dyes that are certified we can be sure our bedding is as pure as possible and completely safe and nontoxic.

In addition to making safer bedding for you and your family, these certifications also protect the environment. Manufacturers have to meet strict environmental stipulations as part of their certifications that demonstrate they are not polluting and are using the minimal resources required, always doing so responsibly.


All of our bedding, including our new cotton and flannel sheets and duvets, is made with people and planet in mind. From the growth of the first seed to the first night you tuck into your new dream bed, every precaution has been taken and attention paid to ensuring Earth is protected as it provides the material and you are protected as you enjoy it.