the down lowdown…
getting comfy with the basics

down lowdown

Fall is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time to break out the warmer bedding. What could be more comfy and cozy on a cool night than a fluffy down comforter? Well, nothing, as far as we’re concerned. Down can be a perfectly sustainable option, and with the right choices, can stay on your bed all year long. But how can you choose the right comforter or pillow and what exactly is fill power, and what are all those numbers? We’ve got the basics broken down, keep reading for the down lowdown. Continue reading

masculine décor…
taking it to the bedroom

masculine décor

Your bedroom should reflect the people who sleep there, so if there’s a guy in the home, embracing a more balanced or masculine décor can be a good thing. It’s time to go beyond the man cave! How do you create a more masculine (and grown up) look in the bedroom without making the place look like an old English hunting lodge? The key to a more manly look is the right mix of color, pattern and texture. It’s possible to create a luxurious and inviting bedroom that doesn’t have a single ruffle, frill or flower. Continue reading

summer sleep…
making your bed for a cool night


Summertime and the livin’ is… warm. By the time July rolls around, most of us have swapped out our winter bedding in favor of lighter covers. Sure, that could be as simple as putting away the heavy duvet and wool blankets, but we still want our summer bedding to feel as rich and luxurious as it did all winter long. We just want it to be cooler.

Take the chance to do a little summer swap. Pack up the dark colors and heavy fabrics until cooler weather returns. Instead top your bed with a lightweight cotton or linen blanket (for the occasional chilly summer night). While you’re at it, change out to all-cotton percale or jersey sheets for a cooler night’s sleep. Continue reading

welcome your guests in style…
chic and cozy guest bedroom

Sea Cliff Collection

Ah, the guest bedroom. That space that is often forgotten until it’s needed. For most of us, our guest bedrooms do double or even triple duty, also serving as a home office, craft room, or other functional space. Sometimes, the guest room becomes a sort of overflow storage area, completely forgotten about until the arrival of out of town guests. Continue reading

sustainable sheets…
the whats and whys

“Organic bedding” – we’ve all heard it, we’ve all seen it, and some of us have even purchased it. But have you ever wondered why? A little research quickly gets through all the marketing and buzzwords to reveal the truth.

Conventional cotton production is perhaps the dirtiest and most toxic cultivated crop. That’s a pretty strong statement, but consider: Continue reading