mastering the art of the bedroom…
claiming your sanctuary

Your bedroom is perhaps the most personal space in your home; it’s where you relax, and really unwind. It’s often the last room to be decorated, but it’s really the most important room in your home. Your bedroom is the place to really let your personality shine. So what’s your personal style? What kind of bedroom makes you feel like kicking your feet up and relaxing? Continue reading

making the bed with style…
our favorite looks

Bedroom part 1

A good night’s sleep—it’s a necessity for feeling good the next day. Your bed should feel good, with cozy, welcoming organic bedding that makes you want to crawl between the sheets for a few zzz’s. But style plays a part as well. Making the bed may not be your favorite task, but it’s the fastest way to have your bedroom looking neat and tidy. And a freshly made bed is inviting; it’s relaxing and soothing. We’ve said it before, you don’t have to make hospital corners and bounce a quarter off your sheets. There are many, many attractive ways to make a bed, and you can certainly combine techniques. Here are just a few of our favorites… Continue reading

sweet dreams for small spaces…
big impact in little bedrooms

Even larger homes can sometimes have small bedrooms, and with the trend to building smaller, bedrooms have shrunk even more. Just getting a bed into some of the more diminutive spaces can seem like a challenge, but small bedrooms can be charming and very restful. All it takes is a few tricks.

Continue reading

bed linen decoder…
the language of linen

Bedroom part 1

Just looking at bedding options can seem overwhelming. There are so many different things to choose, from the type of sheets, and whether or not to use a dust ruffle, to different types of pillows and whether to use a blanket, quilt, spread, duvet, or… the list seems endless. Understanding the basic terms is the first step to sorting it all out and getting down to what’s really important, a well-made bed! Continue reading

bed making…
a more modern approach

bed making

We’re on a bit of a bedroom theme this week. It just makes sense. As the seasons change and cooler weather comes along, one thing that tends to change radically is what we’ve got on our beds. Your bed should feel comfortable and welcoming, and we’ve offered tips on achieving that layered look and going a bit lighter for a summertime bed. Today we’re delving even deeper into bed making territory to create a bed that’s effortless, elegant, personal and most of all, luxurious and green. Continue reading