all new heights…
decorating for a high ceiling

We’ve talked about dealing with low ceilings and sloping ceilings, but what if you design dilemma is exactly the opposite? Those lofty ceilings may be fabulous, but they can require a bit of special attention to keep the space from feeling cavernous. How can you maintain all the drama and still have a cozy, welcoming room? The secret is in using scale and structure; here’s how. Continue reading

watch your head…
decorating around a sloped ceiling

The charming attic bedroom, or the renovated bath tucked in among the eaves. They’re classic examples of using what space you have. Those charming spaces also tend to come with some unusual architectural features, the most challenging is the sloped ceiling. On the positive side, they can be cute and cozy, and may even include a skylight. On the negative, they can feel crowded and the lack of headroom on the sloped side can feel awkward at best. Instead of knocking out walls, or moving to a different home, embrace the ceiling and decorate around it. Continue reading

low ceiling?…
no problem!

Low Ceiling

Peruse any design magazine or site and you’ll see rooms with soaring ceilings and lofty looks. Which is beautiful, but… what if you don’t have high ceilings? From downsizing to buying an older style “rancher” or finishing out a basement or attic for an in-law suite, guest room, or home office, it’s not uncommon to be faced with less than lofty ceilings. Short of a major renovation, there isn’t much that can be done about it architecturally, however there are plenty of design and décor tricks to help fool you into feeling like you have more headroom. Continue reading