Bands in the Sand: Another Success


This year’s Bands in the Sand, the annual concert event sponsored by bambeco in support of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, was another huge success. With tickets sold out in record time, it was sure to be a big day of education, activism, and of course, music.

The 10th Bands in the Sand event, this year’s event included performances by The Bacon Brothers, Misspent Youth, and Unity Reggae Band. And while the music was a major draw, everyone was obviously there for a bigger reason.

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States and is home to more than 2,700 species of plants and animals. Unfortunately, it is also threatened by numerous factors including pollution and climate change. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation works to save the bay through scientific research and restoration efforts, education, and policy advocacy. The issues CBF fights also go beyond the environment and affect everything from the local agriculture and air quality to the industries that have long been staples of the region, like fishing and crabbing.


Bambeco has pledged to support CBF because of our shared dedication to this cause and the special significance of the Chesapeake Bay in our home region of Baltimore, MD. Since our partnership began, bambeco has helped CBF restore 10,000,000 oysters into the bay. A key component of the bay’s ecosystem, oysters filter the water and keep it clean for other plants and animals, but recent depletion in the oyster population has resulted in a dirtier bay. The 10,000,000 oysters we’ve helped re-introduce to the bay are able to filter 500,000,000 gallons of water per day, though, so we are well on our way to repairing the water.


This year’s event raised even more funds in support of CBF’s missions, meaning more improvements can be made to the bay and its health will hopefully continue to improve. In addition to festive music and delicious food, attendees were treated to speeches, including one from bambeco CEO Susan Aplin that had everyone in the crowd ready to fight for the health of our planet.

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