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We love this outdoor swing bed . We think it would look amazing dressed with a cozy throw.

Big surprise, we love Pinterest! We love seeing so many inspiring images of nature, people being active outdoors, furry friends, and of course, fabulous home décor. We love pinning our favorite images to share with followers, and we really love it when our favorite picks get repined. Really, we’re just like all the other Pinterest lovers out there! Every now and then, we take a step back and review our boards. Sometimes, that means we clean them up a little. Sometimes, it means we reorganize. And sometimes, like now, we’re reminded of some of our favorite images, and we just want to share them. Take a look at our Pinterest boards and you’ll see inspiration for entertainment, outdoor living, bringing the outside in, and so much more! Continue reading

got beer?…

Bands in the Sand on the beach at CBF’s Philip Merrill Environmental Center. Photo by Mike Morgan.

Sierra Nevada’s Wild Rivers campaign celebrates their ongoing partnership with six non-profit organizations. The goal? Protect vital waterways and keep them healthy! Wild Rivers has raised over $405,000 in the past four years thanks to these partnerships. How does it work? Simple, through June 15, each partner organization benefits from sales of Sierra Nevada beers within their region.

The organizations?

And if you’re in the Chesapeake Bay area, Saturday, June 15 is the annual Bands in the Sand event. It’s a fun-filled evening on the water’s edge with friends, live music, cool drinks and hot food.

It’s a party with a purpose, organized to help support Chesapeake Bay Foundations efforts to defend and protect the bay.

For more information, go CBF’s website.



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water, water everywhere…
and why is it so important

It’s World Water Day, and the theme this year is international water cooperation. What does that mean? Every action involving water management requires effective cooperation between multiple agencies. Rivers cross geographic and political boundaries and cooperation is necessary to share the water resources of a transboundary river basin between upstream and downstream users with different and sometimes conflicting needs, claims and cultures.

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