moving in green…
your first cleaning

You’ve just gotten the keys to your new place and you’re ready to move in and settled down. Before you unpack anything, consider giving the place a good cleaning.

Wait, what? Yep. We’re suggesting cleaning before you move in. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a brand-new home, or a place that’s been professionally cleaned before you move in. Unless you know the cleaning folks were in right before you, and they used eco-friendly cleaning products, it won’t hurt to give your new home a good wipe down. Most cleaning services are only doing a “surface” clean, and if there have been potential renters, or maintenance workers in the place since it was cleaned last, there’s likely to be dust and grime. Even new homes aren’t immune, it takes time for all the dust from construction to settle. Continue reading

clean and green…
and ready to entertain


All across America, the same thing is happening. Kitchens are seeing much heavier use than normal. Pots, pans and serving platters that haven’t been used in months are pulled out of storage. Every available counter space is filled and the ‘fridge is full to bursting. It’s the holidays, and the usual hustle and bustle have hit. More company and special meals means more cooking, and more messes. Which adds up to more cleaning. Continue reading