don’t drink (fake) green beer…
saint paddy’s day libations

Green Cocktails

OK, if you want to drink organic beer, especially if it’s locally produced, by all means, enjoy a green beer. But let’s skip the food-coloring-enhanced “green” beers that dominate our favorite bars on the 17th of each March. Then again, why stick with beer? There are plenty of festive options, and with organic liquors, juices and mixers, they can be a whole lot greener than those green beers you’ve quaffed in the past. Grab your cocktail shaker and some cool glasses and get shakin’! Continue reading

holiday entertaining…
classic cocktails with a twist

Holiday Cocktails

Why not shake up your next holiday gathering with something a little different? Thanks to the popularity of retro-themed TV shows, the cocktail hour is making a comeback. Once a ubiquitous entertainment wasteland of bland drinks, boring food, and stilted conversations, today’s cocktail parties call up thoughts of a more elegant era with signature drinks and modern, organic twists on classic fare. Continue reading