serving up style…
decorating with trays

Trays are handy, practical tools—they’re the perfect vehicle for after dinner coffee, a round of spiced cider, or serving up summer sangria. But that’s not the end of their usefulness! Trays can also help keep things organized, serve as a decorative layer or accent, and create a story within our home. Take a look at this list, then grab a tray you love and see what you can come up with. Continue reading

creative rearranging…
a new year, a “new” look

It’s a new year, is it time to get a new look? Your living room is often the center of your home (second to the kitchen, perhaps). It’s where you host parties and hang out with friends and family. Whether your living room is formal or casual, a closed off room of its own, or part of an open layout, giving your room a fresh new look can make it feel like you’ve done a major overhaul. The truth? A little creative rearranging and a few accessory changes is all it takes. Continue reading

fall facelift…
for the coffee table

coffee table

Ah, the coffee table. It’s something of a staple that even comes with an almost foolproof decorating and accessorizing formula – something tall, something fresh, something oddball, something bookish. Which is great, and super flexible, and super easy. But let’s take coffee table décor to the next level. It’s time to incorporate seasonal elements. These tips can apply to any decorated surface in your home – from the side table next to your sofa, to the console table in the entry hall or the bookshelves in your family room and the nightstand in the bedroom. Anywhere you would normally decorate and accessorize can get a little fall facelift. Here’s how. Continue reading

on the bench…
putting the humble wood bench to work

wood bench

A sturdy wood bench may have humble beginnings, but this simple piece of furniture is often the perfect solution to décor dilemmas. With a little dressing up, the humble bench becomes a beautiful and practical accent piece. Inside, a bench can be a spot to take off your shoes, provide extra seating for dinner, or serve as an impromptu table. Outside, they’re a place to stop and rest for a moment. A bench can change the way a space feels and functions; it can fill up an empty wall, or transform an awkward window or corner into something beautiful.

Continue reading