does red make you hungry…
debunking color myths

Color Myths

Color is an emotional thing. Trends come and go, what was once a popular color can soon look tired and old. Add to that all the color advice we’ve been bombarded with – red kitchens increase your appetite, a blue bedroom will help you sleep, never mix this color with that color – it’s no wonder the result is a sea of beige. We’ve all been made afraid of color by conflicting advice. So, with spring just around the corner, just begging for a bright new look, let’s debunk some color myths, just for fun. Continue reading

embrace color…
stepping outside the neutral

No Color Room

Decorating with color can seem intimidating. What if you don’t like it? Sure, it looks great on the home décor website, but how realistic is it to live with? If you’ve ever craved a bit of color in your life, but held back because you feared it just wasn’t good for day-to-day life, keep reading. We’ve assembled easy tips to make color really work… really. Continue reading