finding inspiration…
tackling the design dilemma

Sometimes you know when it’s time to give your décor a refresh. The living room looks limp, the dining room is dated, and the bedroom is just boring. What’s stopping you from tackling that project? Life gets in the way. Busy schedules, no time to plan, and limited budgets are just the tip of the design dilemma iceberg. Often what gets in the way is simply a lack of inspiration. Your rooms are flat, but you don’t really even notice it. How can you tell if you’re locked in a design dilemma?

Take a really good, hard, honest look around your home. Does your palette bounce around the color wheel? Have you lived in your space for over a year, but some rooms look like you just moved in? Is clutter overwhelming whatever décor attempts you make? Is everything so neutral there’s nothing of interest? Do you look around and give up because you don’t know where to start, or you’re afraid of being “wrong”?

It’s time for a change. It doesn’t have to be a big change. Sometimes, little changes are all it takes to make a difference. One of the fastest ways to solve the design dilemma is to rearrange your furniture. That’s right. Just move stuff around. Swap out artwork. Move that chair to a different spot. Turn the area rug 90-degrees. Throw out the “rules” and think outside the box. You may surprise yourself with something that works. You may discover a new way to use your space, or inspiration for a new look or style.

Even if you wind up returning everything to their original places, the activity is inspiring, fun, and challenges you to see the possibilities outside of your comfort zone. Whether you stick with the new arrangement, or go back to the old, you’ll still come away with a fresh look at your space.

Now is the time to start looking at how to revamp your décor. If your palette was too mixed, narrow down your choices and pick accessories that refine your look. Take time to tackle the clutter.

Tiny steps like adding a throw pillow, picking out a cool accessory for your entry table, and unifying your color scheme can take your home from ho-hum to designer wow with just a few changes.

Still stumped after all that moving and thinking? Turn your eyes elsewhere for a bit. Take a walk, get out in nature, go somewhere that inspires you. Then take some time to peruse your favorite shelter and décor sites to see what speaks to you. One look, one piece, can inspire you in an instant.

No matter what your design dilemma—the unfinished room, the living room that no longer fits how you live, whatever it is, take some time to start thinking outside the box and you’ll find your inspiration.

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