perfect produce…
keeping it fresh

Fresh Produce

You’ve got a basket full of produce fresh from the local farmer’s market. Sure, that pretty bowl full of fruit looks great, but you want to prep and store that produce to keep it at its peak as long as possible so you can eat it instead of composting it after it’s gotten too ripe. We’ve got a few tips for keeping things fresh and tasty. Continue reading

is it spring yet…
it’s time to get ready to bloom

Spring BloomsSpring is just around the corner, so it’s time to dust off the gardening gloves and get ready to get a little dirty. Whether your garden is limited to indoor potted herbs, or you’ve got a full-scale garden with raised beds, growing something green is just good sense. It’s good for you, and good for the environment. As winter fades into spring, it’s time to freshen things up. Winter was a time for dreaming of garden plans and tending indoor plants, and spring will be full of planting and weeding and busy, busy garden chores. Take a moment to savor the quiet time between and catch up on a few often overlooked garden tasks.

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urban composting…
yes, it’s possible!


You live in the city, or you’re in a suburban townhome with a postage-stamp yard. Or, maybe you’re an apartment dweller. Either way, you think you can’t compost without a big yard space. Start talking compost and we all conjure up images of rural yards with big bins, but lots of space isn’t necessary. You can compost with just a small balcony or tiny yard. If even that isn’t an option, there are a variety of indoor-composters available, or you could consider vermiposting (yes, worms). All you really need for composting is a container; there are a variety of commercially available and compact composters, but a sturdy trash can will do. Continue reading

the recycle files…
doing something with that tree

Christmas Tree Compost

Christmas is almost here, and it’s that time again. The time when anyone who opted for a real tree starts looking at it and wondering “just what am I going to do after the holidays?” It’s enough to make anyone miss out on some holiday joy, but no more. We’ve got a collection of eco-friendly ways to deal with your tree. We can’t help you with the actual work, sorry!

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a no-rake fall…
putting fallen leaves to work

Fall LeavesFall… all the beautiful colors on the trees… and the piles of leaves on the ground. All those pretty leaves are more than just eye-candy that requires a lot of work to deal with. With a little effort you can put those leaves to work for you. Whatever you decide to do with your fallen leaves, make sure to keep them off sidewalks and streets where they can become slippery and dangerous for drivers, bike riders and pedestrians. Take care to keep storm drains clear as well. Continue reading