We want YOU to fight climate change


Climate change is a problem that the current generation must give attention. While the impacts now might not seem drastic, they are only getting worse and the potential consequences could be devastating to our planet and our future. That’s why the Earth Day Network is calling on everyone to put their support behind their Climate Petition.

As Greenpeace reports, global temperatures are currently hotter than they were 2,000 years ago and at the current rate could reach levels not seen in 2 million years. These increased temperatures mean more volatile weather patterns—8 of the 10 worst hurricanes ever have occurred in the last 10 years—as well as rising sea levels that threaten coastal areas, and the destruction of entire species and ecosystems.

The Earth Day Network is determined to reverse the damage that’s been done and set our planet up for a long and fertile future. Their Climate Petition hopes to be the world’s largest collection of supporters for the establishment of clean energy. Carbon emissions are among the leading causes of climate change and converting to clean, renewable energy worldwide would have a major impact on halting the damage and reversing its effects.

Green Energy

Greenpeace reports that with modern technology clean energy like wind, solar, and geothermal could provide 96% of our electricity demand if it was harnessed. Unfortunately, the financial interests of big corporations have stood in the way of establishing a system for cleaner, renewable energy. That’s where you come in. By adding your name to the Earth Day Network’s petition, you’ll be joining a team dedicated to forcing reform in the energy industry. By phasing out carbon emissions and getting the level of carbon pollution back to zero, Earth Day Network says we can stop the global temperature rise before it reaches the potentially catastrophic level of 2 degrees Celsius. By urging governments, industries, corporations, and citizens to convert to 100% clean energy by 2050 that goal is within reach.

Increased interest, attention, and acceptance of the seriousness of climate change has already spurred much change, but we are not done and the damage has not been reversed and has not stopped. Our future depends on us.

So, visit Earth Day Network and sign their petition join the force against global warming. If you want to make a difference at home, consider adding solar panels to your home and converting personally to clean energy. It will be better for you and better for our planet and our future, and that’s something we can all get behind.

To learn more and sign the Earth Day Network’s Climate Petition click here.