daybed delights…
practical and versatile

Start talking daybeds and images of college apartments or children’s rooms spring immediately to mind. But the fact is, a daybed can be the most versatile, functional piece of furniture you own. Their dual nature makes them ideal for small, open-plan homes or multi-purpose rooms that serve as home office, craft room and guest bedroom. So how can you make a daybed work, and not look like you raided a dorm? Continue reading

seeing beige?
dress up a neutral palette…
with bold color

Neutral Palette

Surrounded by a sea of beige? Neutral palettes are classic and have dominated the home décor scene for years, and for good reason. They’re easy to accessorize, rarely look dated and work with nearly any style of décor. They can even make small spaces feel larger, and unify rooms throughout a house. Neutrals are a reliable, easy, attractive solution for home décor.

On the downside, they can also seem less than exciting. If you’re surrounded by blah colors, it’s easy to get bored, or feel uninspired. The solution is simple. Pops of color in unexpected places add visual interest, excitement and are easy to update with seasons or style changes. Try some of these easy-to-use tips for bringing some color into your life. Continue reading

cozy up for fall…
decorating with pillows and throws

Pillows and Blankets


Ah, the approach of fall. The crisp, cool weather just begs for coziness. It’s time to break out the sweaters and brew up some hot apple cider. And it’s a perfect time to add some cozy to your home because what’s better than a fall evening spent curled up in cushiony comfort with a toasty throw over your feet? Continue reading