break out of the mold…
avoiding cookie cutter design


Rules, they’re meant to be broken. And when it comes to home décor, we’re all about making it personal and individual, not about following a set of strict rules to create cookie-cutter design. All of that said, there are a few things we think of as sort of unbreakable rules, or strict guidelines. You can safely follow this list of things not to do and still hold onto your individuality, and have great design as well! Continue reading

mantel madness…
decorating for after the holidays


Ah, the post-holiday clean up. The tree is gone, and you’ve packed away all the decorations. Now you’re looking at a bare mantel and it seems just a little sparse and lonely without all the garland, twinkling lights and stockings. After the glory that is Christmas, what’s a mantel to do to keep from being ho-hum? Continue reading

DIY repurposed & practical décor
10 uses for an old suitcase

Vintage Suitcases

Maybe you inherited it, or you found it at a yard sale, but there it sits – that irresistibly cool vintage suitcase. It looks like it’s been around the block a time or two, but it’s got style, class and charm; a certain je ne c’est quoi. The only question is what to do with it. It’s just not practical as a carry on. Here are ten ideas to get that old suitcase out of the closet and into fabulous use. And what’s more green than repurposing? Continue reading