go a little gray…
classic, versatile and oh-so-now!

Going Gray

Start talking neutral color in home décor and people automatically think beige. It’s time to take neutral to a whole new realm with a color that’s bolder, more modern, and far more flexible.

We’re talking gray; it can be light or dark, warm or cool. It can seem soft and romantic or sleek and modern, and even take on an edge. Forget its reputation for being cold and sterile. It’s a classic neutral that has never gone out of style but maintains a modern feel. And it’s one of our fall colors – the deep, rich version called Graphite. Whether it’s so pale it’s almost white, or so dark it’s almost black, and everything in between, we love gray. Gray is the character actor of color, it can be anything, suit any look, transcend any style, gender or age. Gray just makes everything better. Continue reading

out with the old and stale…
and in with the fresh and green

Fresh and Green

It happens to everyone, even in the nicest of neighborhoods. Your house gets that stale smell. Maybe it’s all those days running the air conditioner without opening a window for some fresh air, or maybe it was last night’s catch of the day that’s insisting on lingering. Or maybe it’s just the stuffiness of lots of people at the vacation cabin. No matter whether it’s an unpleasant odor or a sense of stale air, store bought air fresheners are pretty horrendous. They’re full of chemicals and add irritants to the air. Even the plug-in models aren’t exactly eco-friendly; they often contain petroleum and are full of plastics. Continue reading

tiny terrariums…
stylish, cool and oh-so-green

Tiny Terrarium 1

Want a hip way to add some easy greenery to your home? Try a terrarium. Yes, a terrarium – those small glass containers that house living plants (and sometimes animals). They’re self-contained, easy care, pretty to look at and totally eco-friendly. Terrariums have also become a bit of a trend, especially when made from reclaimed materials like old soda bottles, apothecary jars and even incandescent light bulbs. Continue reading