Protect Your Pets


They’re your best friends, loyal companions, and part of the family, and you work hard to keep your pets safe. But, danger could be lurking right inside your pet’s favorite food, toy, or treat. Fortunately, thanks to increased attention paid to what pets are consuming, there are plenty of safe and affordable options to keep your pet healthy, happy, and satisfied.

Dogs are susceptible to chemicals released from the items they encounter on a regular basis and, unlike human products, there are no rules or regulations on the acceptable levels of chemicals in pet products. Mass-produced pet toys and beds are often made from cheap materials, like vinyl, which contain phthalates, Bisphenol A or BPA, and possibly lead. These chemicals are released during the breakdown of the materials and absorbed into your dog’s saliva or skin. According to the CDC, phthalates have been shown to cause reproductive issues in lab animals and there is evidence that extended exposure causes tumors in lab rats. You might expect the amount of chemicals to diminish as an item ages but actually older products leach even more chemicals than new ones, so safe and long-lasting toys are especially important.


While we still lack regulations around the production of pet products, responsible owners have created a demand for safe products that are made responsibly. Toys like our Eco Puppy and Eco Teddy are crafted from remnant materials left over from the production of pet beds. Natural latex rubber is also an excellent choice for balls or training toys. Natural latex rubber is 100% nontoxic, fully sustainable, and renewable. Our Zygoflex material offers another extra-durable, totally nontoxic, environmentally-friendly material that’s good for pup and planet.

Eco Nap Pad

Even items like bowls, beds, and collars can pose a risk. Stainless steel is a safe, durable, and recyclable option for bowls, and all our melamine is certified as BPA free and nontoxic. Beds crafted from natural materials, like organic cotton or hemp, provide safe resting spots, and leashes and collars crafted from recycled materials and bamboo are guaranteed safe and sustainable. When it comes to treats, choosing organic products with natural ingredients (think recognizable food items, not unpronounceable chemicals) ensures your pet is eating right. A good rule of thumb is to seek items with meat, fruits, vegetables, or potatoes at the top of the ingredient list. If you might find it in your kitchen then it’s probably a good choice.

Our pets are our four-legged, furry children and they depend on us to protect them, not just from the obvious but also the hidden dangers. By choosing natural materials and ingredients for everything they contact, you and your canine companion can enjoy a long, healthy, happy life together.