steps to a greener community…

Bike Green Community

We’re all about finding little, personal ways to go green and we recognize that people come in all shades of green. All those little steps add up to big changes over time. It’s easy to think that little steps are only about personal things like what you eat, the way you shop and things around the house. But little steps can be about big things, too, like greening your community. Continue reading

paint removal…
without the smell


Paint RemovalPaint is the fastest way to update any look. From painting walls or cabinets to giving fresh new life to tired out furniture, you can go from drab to fab with just a coat of paint. Which is great, but, what about those things that already have paint on them and you want to get it off? It’s especially difficult when you’re talking about hardware. Looking at painted over hinges and metal parts and thinking about stripping all the years of color choices off is enough to make even the bravest DIYer run for the hills. The chemicals alone are frightening. Continue reading

little projects, big green impact

Little Projects

A new, green home, or an eco-friendly home renovation may be the green ideal, but it’s not always possible. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about the big projects and miss all the little opportunities that are right there for the taking. Making your home more energy efficient might seem like a huge task, but it can really be broken down into little parts, and some of the smallest parts are easy to do and offer big, green impact.  Continue reading

eco and organized…
five easy tips

Organized Recycling

Going green often goes hand-in-hand with clutter. Between having multiple bins to handle trash and recyclables, and needing space to store all the reusable containers that have replaced plastic wrap and aluminum foil, space can be at a premium. If your version of going green also includes things like crafting and DIY projects, then there are added clutter factors as well.

How does decluttering make for a greener home? An organized house is easier to clean, so you’ll spend less time and energy on cleaning, plus you’ll use fewer products. An organized home also means you know exactly what you do and don’t have, so you won’t accidentally purchase duplicate items. Continue reading