talking sheets…
from thread count to weaves

Winterpark Bedding Collection

We’ve all seen the ads for amazingly low-cost cotton sateen sheets with a thread count around 1,200 and we’ve all wondered if we’d just found the deal of the century. The answer, in a word, is no. Despite popular belief, higher thread count does not automatically guarantee higher quality. The feel of the fabric is determined by the type of yarn used, the type of weave selected and the quality of the materials and workmanship that go into making the finished product. Thread count is just one piece of the puzzle. Realistically, a 200-thread count sheet can feel much finer than a 600 thread count sheet, simply because the cotton fibers in the lower thread count are of higher quality and the type weave used created a smoother, softer feel. It’s natural to look for quick, easy ways to determine quality, but thread count alone isn’t the answer. Continue reading