color without paint?…
oh yeah!

Color without Paint

When we talk about adding color to a room, one thing that always comes up as a quick, easy, affordable (and green if you do it right) option is paint. But what if painting is not an option? Renters and college students come first to mind, or maybe you just don’t want to paint, or you prefer the look of white (or neutral) walls. Either way, there are plenty of great, green ways to brighten up with color and freshen your room’s style without putting down a drop cloth.

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eco decorating do’s and don’ts

decor do and dont

Do a quick web search for home decorating and you’ll be inundated with results ranging from personal blogs to professional decorators and everything in between. It can be information overload! Are you into beach boho, or are you more modern rustic? Do you like lots of bold colors, or are you a neutral kinda person? We decided it was time to distill it all down to the basics and offer up some solid advice that works no matter what your décor style.

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go for the bold…
decorating with red

Decorating Red

When it comes to décor, red is a bold choice. Even in the smallest quantities and softest hues, it’s not shy. But red doesn’t have to be intimidating; done right, it’s cozy, inviting, and intimate. It can be sophisticated and glamorous or casual and relaxed, but it always makes a statement. The first step to using red is to give a little thought to your overall style. Continue reading

mixed metaphors…
modern rustic design

Modern Rustic

The latest trend in home décor is a sort of mixed metaphor that combines rustic elements with modern lines and sensibilities. It’s a super flexible look that can go city elegant or country charm and everything in between. It’s also perfectly suited for all things green. Modern rustic styling means reclaimed and repurposed materials are right at home and can be incorporated to fit any décor. The look is easy and relaxed, and even in its most sophisticated interpretations; it still sports a casual, inviting vibe.

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paint removal…
without the smell


Paint RemovalPaint is the fastest way to update any look. From painting walls or cabinets to giving fresh new life to tired out furniture, you can go from drab to fab with just a coat of paint. Which is great, but, what about those things that already have paint on them and you want to get it off? It’s especially difficult when you’re talking about hardware. Looking at painted over hinges and metal parts and thinking about stripping all the years of color choices off is enough to make even the bravest DIYer run for the hills. The chemicals alone are frightening. Continue reading