green back-to-school planning…
the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle

Back to School

Get some green in your kids! No, we don’t mean getting them to eat their kale, though that’s a great idea. We mean changing up your back-to-school plans to make them just a little more green. It’s still hot outside and kids are enjoying the last days of summer before they have to start packing bags and hitting the books. Send them back to school in eco style with a few tips. Continue reading

reducing plastic use


Reusable shopping bags have become a common sight, which is terrific! At bambeco, we like to say that every little step can have big impact. Reducing plastic use, and as a result the amount of plastic we throw away, is one of those things that can be done easily, incrementally, and yet it will have significant, and far-reaching impact on the environment.

Opting for reusable shopping bags and giving up bottled water are two easy steps, and they’re the top two ways to reduce plastic in your life. There are those who are pursuing a totally plastic-free life, while we applaud them, we’re not quite there at this point. And that’s OK. Any chance we have to reduce the amount of plastic we consume and then throw away, it’s a good thing. So, ready for a few more steps toward reducing plastic consumption? So are we! Continue reading

visualize climate change with fragile earth

Launched on Earth Day 2012, the Fragile Earth app from Harper Collins offers simply stunning birds-eye imagery of the globe. As its name implies, the goal of the app is to offer a visualization of the changing earth – rivers that flood or dry up, mountains that erupt, glaciers that melt and cities that sprawl. Continue reading