celebrate the season…
happy fourth of July!


Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Bambeco!

We hope you’re having a safe, fun, and most of all green holiday!

Since we’re taking the day off, we thought we’d share a look back at some of our summertime tips.

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10 picks for a planet-friendly fourth

Independence Day is right around the corner, and while no one is going to pretend that fireworks are very eco-friendly (though many companies are moving to greener techniques – in 2004, Disney patented an air-launch system that they’ve since opened up to other companies), it’s still a time of celebration and fun. We’ve gathered up some ideas for making your celebration green (or at least greener).

Hit up the farmer’s market for your goodies and fill your menu with locally-grown, organic produce and meats. Want a delicious dessert? Try grilling peaches. Yum!

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10 tips to reduce waste…
throwing less away

reduce Waste

Our landfills are filling at rates faster than any of us care to think, and sadly, trash floating in the oceans and waterways is becoming an even bigger problem. Reducing waste is high on everyone’s priority list, and we’re all familiar with giving up our plastic grocery bags in favor of reusable ones. Continue reading

got wine bottles…
easy DIY to repurpose your empties

Wine Bottles

Got wine? Some of our favorite items are those made from upcycled bottles. They make great, eco-friendly glasses, vases and even terrariums. Naturally we encourage recycling your empty bottles, but if you’re looking for a quick, easy DIY that looks great, or maybe you just want to get some more use from your empties before you recycle them, we’ve got some ideas for you. Continue reading