are you missing us?
does your facebook feed seem empty?

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Facebook has recently made some tweaks to their system that means some of our posts may not be showing up in your newsfeed. There’s a quick and easy fix for that! It only takes only a moment and you can do this for our page and any others you really like.

First, go to our Facebook page. Ready?

FB Like 2Just below the main photo, over on the right you’ll see a “Liked” button (if you don’t already like us, you’ll see a “Like” button – go ahead and click to like us).



FB Like 3Hover over that button—don’t click—and make sure “Show in News Feed” is selected. If it’s not, click it now.

In that same menu you’ll see “Settings”—click that to bring up the options for which updates to see.




FB Like 4The default is “Most Updates”, but you can also select “All Updates” or “Only Important”. If you select “All Updates” you’ll be back to seeing all the cool posts and things we share on Facebook.

If you leave it at “Most Updates”, the more you interact with any page—sharing, liking, or commenting on posts—the more likely you are to see their updates in your feed.

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