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At bambeco, we’re all about the little things. We believe that small steps can lead to big change. We’re also all about the good life. We believe that stylish and sustainable not only can work together, they should work together. And it’s not just a corporate thing, our team members are some of our best (and most particular) customers!

We’re continuing our Faces of Bambeco series – today, we’d like to introduce Jac, a member of our Customer Service team. When we asked Jac about her favorite bambeco product, she had a hard time narrowing it down to just one. In the end, she decided on the Isabella Solar Lantern.

Name: Jac

Favorite bambeco product: Isabella Solar Lantern

Why: I think well-placed lighting and eye-catching decor can make any occasion feel special. These recycled glass solar lanterns are so vibrant, even when daylight is filtering through the glass.  They are great for the planet and perfect for summer on my outside deck!

How does it fit in your life: Candles are lovely, but with a toddler and two dogs they’re not always safe. I can leave these on and have gentle light without worrying about a flame. We like spending time outdoors, and I don’t want bright lights to ruin the night. These put out a really soft glow that’s just right for us.

What’s your favorite green feature about this product: Oh, the rechargeable solar batteries! I don’t have to think about them or worry if I remembered to get batteries. That’s perfect for me and perfect for the environment, too.

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