our favorite way to visualize…
pinterest preview


Every now and then we have to just shout about our Pinterest boards. We love the visual medium, the ability to gather images of things we love and sort them into categories – it’s like a design inspiration book that doesn’t require cutting pages out of magazines! Here’s how we’ve been using Pinterest lately: Continue reading

don’t fear the color…
fall color preview!

Color is the fastest way to brighten and personalize a room, luckily the trend in home décor is moving away from neutrals and embracing color in bold new ways. The easiest, and greenest, way to include color is to use paint and accent pieces in strong colors and keep big-ticket items like sofas in the neutral category.

Color sets the tone in your space; it defines the mood, and establishes personality. Adding color can be scary, especially if you’re accustomed to a sea of beige and other neutrals. The first step to bringing some color into your space is to find what works for you. Consider colors that appeal to you. What do you see most frequently in your clothing and accessories? What colors do you reach for when you look at towels and bedding? What colors make you feel good?  Continue reading