take along tranquility…
making travel feel like home

take along tranquility

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making your home a sanctuary, a space that sustains you. Even your office is filled with things that are good for you and good for the planet. The question is, how do you take all that tranquility with you when you travel? Whether it’s for business or pleasure, staying in a hotel or vacation rental can throw you out of your comfort zone. The answer? Take along tranquility – just bring a little with you wherever you go. Continue reading

balanced and beautiful…
a little feng shui for good design

Feng Shui

For some, feng shui is an easy roadmap to decorating their home; to others, it’s a mystical thing that makes no sense. For everyone in between, it’s easy to get confused by the often conflicting articles about using feng shui in your home. Literally translated, feng shui simply means “wind water” – more abstractly, it’s about balance, harmony and harnessing the positive. And who can’t use a little more of those things in their homes? Think of this as feng shui for the skeptic, incorporating the concepts of feng shui into the fundamentals of good design to create a livable home that is as balanced as it is beautiful. Continue reading