the empty hearth…
summery fireplace décor

Summer Mantle

Warmer weather has arrived, so now what do you do with the fireplace? You can check out our previous tips on non-holiday mantle décor, or fill the void with some fire alternatives. Or take a different approach. Embrace the season and transform your fireplace and mantle into a summer sanctuary, or rearrange a few things and hide your fireplace behind some strategically placed chairs and plants. No matter which approach you choose, we’ve got some inspiration for you.

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man up…
putting some masculine style into your décor

Manly Decor

Whether you’re just starting out together, looking for a refresh, or just moved to a new space, sharing space can be a challenge, especially when it comes to balancing the décor styles of partners. Don’t let your décor become a battleground. If you’ve got the space for a man cave and a ma’am cave, go for it, but for shared spaces, reach for some gender equality to create a more harmonious look, and living environment. Continue reading

festive fireplace fillers…
without lighting a fire


We love fireplaces. They’re pretty. They’re romantic and charming and when the weather starts turning chilly, we think of cozy fires. We’ve even offered up some options for going green with your fireplace. However, many homes have non-functioning fireplaces that have become stark, lonely black holes. And that makes us sad. Continue reading

time to get toasty…
tips for a greener fireplace


Ah, the cool, crisp days of fall! It conjures up images of brisk nights spent curled in front of a blazing fire. But that cheery fire is not so cheery for the environment. It may look pretty, but if you’re burning plain old wood in that fireplace, you’re belching lots of smoke, soot and other unpleasant stuff into the air. Add in the fact that the typical fireplace isn’t even really efficient at heating the house and suddenly a crackling fire starts to lose its appeal. Continue reading