an oasis of calm…
relaxing at home

Relaxing home

Yikes! Life is busy sometimes! Between job, commute, shuttling kids to and fro, getting the dog to the vet, tackling the grocery shopping and everything else, sometimes it feels like we’re constantly on the go. Add in electronic intrusions from email, texts and instant messaging and it starts to feel like we don’t have time to stop, let alone actually relax and smell the roses. Continue reading

decorating with flowers…
thinking outside the big arrangements

Flower arrangement

Nothing brightens a room like a few colorful blooms. Whether on a flowering plant, or gathered in a vase of cut blossoms, flowers are a sure-fire trick to making a room look more finished. Though it’s still some time till spring, early blooms will start appearing in some local markets in February. What better away to bring a fresh spring air to your home?

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