springtime entertaining…
the wonderful world of olive oil


Olive oil, it’s long been the darling child of the kitchen, and for good reason. This heart-healthy oil is not only delicious, it’s a good-for-you fat as well. Good quality, organic olive oil should be a staple in every sustainable kitchen. Why? Sustainably-managed olive groves are preserving generations-old farming techniques, and encouraging more and more industries to switch to organic growing methods. Besides, nothing beats the flavor of well-crafted, organic, extra-virgin olive oil. Continue reading

it’s a festival of color…
celebrating your own carnival

It’s February and that means Carnival is right around the corner! You don’t have to go to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate! In the US, we may be more familiar with the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras, but elsewhere around the world, Carnival is a colorful season of parties, parades, dancing and food. Lots, and lots of food. You don’t have to be marking Fat Tuesday and Lent to celebrate Carnival. Continue reading

bring on the apples…
it’s cider season


It’s October, time for apple cider and all things fabulous and fall! If you’re lucky enough to live near an organic orchard where you can pick your own fruit, you know the joy of truly fresh apples. And you probably also know the joy of truly good apple cider. Nothing says fall quite like a hot spiced cider, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorite grown-up cider recipes. Try these with your favorite locally-produced organic cider (and sure, you could always buy an organic cider at the store if local isn’t an option)! Most of these can easily be made without the alcohol if you need a kid-friendly version as well. Happy Halloween! Continue reading

the green table…
prep and serve

Are you ready for fall? Now that back to school is done, there’s a little lull before the holidays start. It’s a perfect time for entertaining. It’s also a perfect time to update your table. Keeping your kitchen, food prep and tableware eco-friendly can be a challenge, especially if you like to have different looks for each season. But, with the right pieces, it’s easy to achieve a mix and match style that can go from summer barbecues to fall football parties with ease. Want a green table? We’ve gathered some of our favorite pieces for prep and service.


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dinner is served…
making dinner parties effortless
and eco

Eclectic Dining Room by Other Metro Media And Blogs Dreamy Whites

Dinner parties have come back into vogue, though we think they never really went out of style! Today’s dinner parties aren’t formal, stuffy affairs, instead, they’re casual gatherings of friends over good food and good conversation. Hosting a successful party doesn’t require mad-hostess skills, or even a large dining room table and matching fine china and color-coordinated, themed décor custom selected for the occasion. All of those things are nice, and if you’re so inclined, go for it. But they’re not required. The most important element of any dinner party is simple – a relaxed, hospitable host who’s ready to enjoy an evening with friends. Continue reading