making an entrance…
decorating an open entry

Decorate your foyer. Create a welcoming entry. Make your hall hospitable. There is plenty of advice for improving your home’s entry. And for good reason. The entry is the gateway to your home. But… what if you don’t have an entryway?

Let’s face it, a grand foyer can be wasted space, and in smaller homes, every bit of space counts. Some larger homes don’t come with a dedicated entry either—take the classic ranch house for example, most have front doors that open directly into living or dining rooms. Open floor plans often completely eschew the entryway. Whatever the reason, if you don’t have an entry hall, what can you do?

First things first. Understand that an entry serves multiple purposes. It’s an introduction to your home, but it’s also a convenient landing space for putting on and taking off things like coats, umbrellas, and more. Whether you’ve got a dedicated space or not, you can still address both the practical, and style purposes of an entry.

Go vertical

All it takes is a couple of feet of available wall space to hang a few hooks. Try narrow shelves if you have the space to work with. Place hooks, cubbies, shelves, or whatever you can fit in a convenient spot along the wall. Keep things as shallow and close to the wall as possible to reduce intruding on the space.

Curate your collection

Really think about what you need near the door. If you have a convenient closet that will work for coats, they can live there instead of near the door. Take stock the next time you come in, and leave, your home. What do you need to grab at the last minute? And what are the first things you put down? Those are the things you need to find space for. Everything else can find another home.

Decide on a look

There are two ways to treat an open entry. You can make it part of the room—keep the same style, tone, colors, and feel. Take this approach when space is tight, and the entry opens immediately into your living or dining space. If walls are all you lack, but you’ve got space, you can create the illusion of a dedicated entry by use of area rugs, hanging plants, screens, and other décor items to visually separate the space.

With a little thought and effort, an open entry will not only work well, but look good. Embrace your space, work with what you’ve got, and make it your own.

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