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finding space for a home office

The home office, whether you work from home, or just need a convenient space to pay bills and keep the family organized, it’s a vital part of any home. But who wants to give up space for a dedicated office? That’s valuable real estate that could be a guest room or craft area after all! You don’t need to sacrifice an entire room to have a functioning office space. We’ve put together a few ideas that with the addition of a few sustainable accessories, will help you carve an office in just about any home.

The Kitchen

A kitchen office is something of a standard, and why not? It’s probably the most convenient place to create a space to take care of bills and handle family calendaring. Take a look around your kitchen, is there an underutilized spot? A counter section that gathers papers? An odd nook or quirky corner, or a little used closet? If possible, build in a desktop and additional shelving that match your existing cabinets and counters.

Don’t have the wall or cabinet space for a built in? Tuck a petite desk or even a bistro table into a corner, or try a rolling kitchen cart that can be rolled out of the way when not in use. Hang a convenient wall caddy to keep things organized and in easy reach.

The Closet

The closet to office transformation is a classic choice. From the awkward space under the stairs, to the shallow closet in the space between the kitchen and dining room, or that tiny little closet in the upstairs hall, closets make surprisingly good office spaces. You can opt to keep them open, curtain them off, or keep the doors so you can shut the work (and mess) away.

The Nook

Ever lived in a home that included a seemingly random nook? We’ve all seen them, those odd little spaces at the top of stairs, in hallways and around closets. They’re often the result of renovations, and they’re quite frequently wasted space. To carve an office from a nook, look for open spaces that just seem awkward – an open space under the stairs, an extra-wide landing, a narrow space next to a closet, they’re all candidates for a small, functional home office.

It’s possible to carve out an office space almost anywhere. Take a look at some of the tiny homes cropping up everywhere and you’ll find creative ways to fit an office into even the tightest of spaces. If you have the ceiling height, a loft can be one option; creating multi-function spaces is another way to make the most of your space. We don’t usually advocate putting an office in the main bedroom, but if that’s where the space is, and it works for you, go for it. Think outside the office cubicle.

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