décor don’ts… and a few green do’s

Spend any time perusing shelter magazines and site and you’ll see all sorts of décor do lists. But with so many different personal tastes and styles of décor, we thought it would be easier to create a décor don’t list. So here it is, our basic top ten list of décor don’ts that still allows you to create your very personal space. Continue reading

interior resolutions…
a new look for 2014

Do your resolutions for 2014 include a new look for you? Have you made a resolution to be more green in 2014? How about your home? Is 2014 the year you’re determined to redo your décor? We’ve got a few tips for those who want to create a more comfortable, inviting, and eco-friendly space this year. Continue reading

sweet dreams for small spaces…
big impact in little bedrooms

Even larger homes can sometimes have small bedrooms, and with the trend to building smaller, bedrooms have shrunk even more. Just getting a bed into some of the more diminutive spaces can seem like a challenge, but small bedrooms can be charming and very restful. All it takes is a few tricks.

Continue reading

creative rearranging…
a new year, a “new” look

It’s a new year, is it time to get a new look? Your living room is often the center of your home (second to the kitchen, perhaps). It’s where you host parties and hang out with friends and family. Whether your living room is formal or casual, a closed off room of its own, or part of an open layout, giving your room a fresh new look can make it feel like you’ve done a major overhaul. The truth? A little creative rearranging and a few accessory changes is all it takes. Continue reading

form follows function…
making your space work


Unless you live in a custom-designed home that you created, it’s likely you’ve got a few less-than-perfect elements in your space. An oddly placed door, unevenly spaced windows, nooks, crannies, and rooms of too-large or too-small scale are just a few of the challenges you can face. Short of a major renovation, there are a few things you can do to make the most of what you’ve got. When life hands you lemons… Continue reading