refresh your patio for spring…

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start enjoying some outdoor living! Once the weather warms up, there’s nothing finer than a Sunday brunch on the patio. Or maybe you’re more of the evening beers and grilled pizza variety. No matter what you preferences, it’s time to shake off winter’s chill and get some fresh air! But first things first, whether you’ve got a small balcony, a compact patio, or an expansive deck or yard, a little prep work is in order before you can start using it. Continue reading

summarize your home décor…
hot ideas for a cool summer

Summer Home

Are you ready for summer? More importantly, is your home ready for summer? We’ve got some quick tips for making sure your home is summer ready.

Lighten up

Mix in some light, breezy fabrics like gauze and linen to give a more relaxed, airy feel and help things keep cool on hot, sticky days. Swap out winter’s dark colors and heavy fabrics for lighter, brighter tablecloths, rugs, and even bedding for an instant summer make over. Continue reading

c’mon up and sit…
spring worthy front porch

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to spruce up your outdoor spaces, and what better place to start than your front porch! It’s the first thing guests see when they come to your home, so take some time to make it warm and inviting, and set a sustainable tone. Spring means warmer weather, sunnier skies, blooming flowers and lots of color; your front porch should reflect the season.

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take it outside…
get the jump on spring
prep your outdoor space now

Outdoor Entertaining

Warmer weather will be here before you know it! And who said you have to wait till the heat of summer to enjoy some outdoor entertaining? Not us, that’s for sure! We’re all for being on our decks and patios as often, and as early, as possible. Get your outdoor areas in tip-top shape and ready for company so you can enjoy an even longer outdoor season. Continue reading

adirondacks without the wood?
meet polywood


When it comes to outdoor furniture, there are only a few choices – wood, metal and plastic. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and can be green, depending on the manufacture. But there’s a new guy in town and it’s got some pretty impressive green cred.

Enter Polywood

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