Micro Greens: Small But Powerful


Fully sustainable, easy to grow, and packed with nutrients, micro greens are among the latest trends in organic eating and for good reason. Best of all, you don’t need a green thumb or a spacious garden to enjoy their benefits.

Micro greens are edible young greens produced by a variety of plants, like spinach, peas, beets, and others. Requiring only a growth medium and sunlight, they’ve become popular among windowsill gardeners and those living in urban areas with limited outdoor space. Planted, grown, and harvested all within 10-14 days, they are a quick and easy way to introduce natural flavor, extra nutrients, and a shot of color to your dishes.

While their simplicity is appealing, their health benefits are the biggest reason for micro greens’ growth in popularity. A recent study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture and University of Maryland found that micro greens contain 4 to 6 times the amount of nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene compared to their adult counterparts. The study recommends planting a wide range of micro greens, as each plant delivers a different nutrient. For example, researchers found the greatest level of Vitamin C in red cabbage, while green daikon radish delivered the highest Vitamin E.

Along with nutrients, micro greens can add subtle flavor to your dishes and make great edible garnishes when you want to step your presentation up.


Our spice and veggie micro green kits each come with an array of plants in a recycled steel box atop a bamboo saucer. They’re designed to give you the greatest harvest from the least space and attention, the perfect introduction to micro greens or an excellent addition to your existing windowsill garden. Get growing.