Herbs: Homegrown Ingredients


Growing your very own herbs in your kitchen is easier than you’d think. All you need are a few supplies and the seeds of your choice and you’re ready to get started.

In choosing a spot to place your garden, sunlight is the most important component. Herbs grow best with as much sunlight as possible so place them in a window that receives at least 4 hours of sun each day.


Your vessel can vary based on how much your planting and your style choices. We offer stainless steel windowsill boxes built for indoor growing, or you can choose a traditional pot. We also have extra sustainable biodegradable pots, and ones made from reclaimed wine barrels. You can style your herb garden to not only blend in with your décor but add another touch of natural style to your design.

When choosing what to plant, think about what you often find yourself searching the spice rack for. By growing the herbs and spices you use for cooking most often you will gain get the most return from your efforts and be able to ensure you’re cooking with organic, safely grown ingredients.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your herbs are sufficiently watered but still have drainage. Because you’re growing inside, be sure you have something underneath your pot to hold the water that drains from the soil.


Now you’re ready to become your own best source for fresh ingredients. Your summer cooking has never been more personal.