Protecting Earth’s Greatest Resources: People


At bambeco we are dedicated to protecting the environment and sustaining the Earth’s natural resources. One of the planet’s greatest resources is its people, and so everything we do is done with two things in mind: benefiting planet and people.


We work to ensure our products not only benefit our customers and the environment, but also those who make them. Artisans who have honed their craft over decades, passing down the skills to the next generation, craft our recycled glassware, and local residents also work to gather the bottles, break them into usable material, and melt them down. These glasses not only keep an artisanal craft tradition alive and help reduce landfill waste; they provide jobs in the community.

Like our recycled glassware, our best-selling vintage kantha quilts and pillows take care and attention to detail to make. This can only be accomplished with the touch of a human hand. Female artisans in Calcutta salvage the cotton saris, preparing them for use in our unique pieces. Then they perform by hand the delicate kantha stitching that gives these pieces their name. Each quilt or pillow you purchase is a direct reflection of the care and effort of one of these women, and you provide a demand for more of their beautiful creations, truly providing a livelihood.

20140903_reclaimed wood 10

More attention and human influence is also part of our reclaimed wood products. Our reclaimed wood is taken from old wine barrels and deconstructed structures, like barns. People seek out the materials, disassemble the buildings, salvage the wood, restore it, and craft all of our products by hand, all in the US.

At home in the US and abroad, your love of our handcrafted products provides a livelihood to people and their families, improving their lives while also improving the places where we all live.