clean and green…
and ready to entertain


All across America, the same thing is happening. Kitchens are seeing much heavier use than normal. Pots, pans and serving platters that haven’t been used in months are pulled out of storage. Every available counter space is filled and the ‘fridge is full to bursting. It’s the holidays, and the usual hustle and bustle have hit. More company and special meals means more cooking, and more messes. Which adds up to more cleaning. Continue reading

salt of the earth…
the many uses for salt



More and more people are turning to non-toxic ways to clean and freshen their homes, and that’s a good thing. We love all-natural and organic cleaning products, especially when they’re super concentrated and put in compostable packages. But you don’t always have to reach for a commercial product, sometimes the stuff you need is as close as your salt shaker. Continue reading

a clean, green, home

It wasn’t too long ago that finding environmentally friendly cleaning products presented a major challenge. There were very few commercial options available, and what was there often required going to yet another store to find them. Even now, with many greener cleaners to be found on grocery shelves, sometimes, the only way to find a wide variety of green cleaning products is to shop online.

Cleaning supplies

If you’ve tried green cleaning products in the past and just didn’t like them, it might be time to try them again. Today’s eco-friendly options are much better than their ancestors in the industry. Gone are the soapy mixes and smeary substances that smelled like… well, “unscented” things used to have a distinct, and unpleasant, scent of their own. We used to jokingly say, “It smells unscented!”

We’ve come a long way baby!

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