trendy vs. personal…
you don’t have to choose!


Slavishly following any trend can result in a cold, less personal look, whether it’s your wardrobe or your room! Embracing a trend doesn’t have to mean giving up your personality. You can have the best of both worlds, personal décor that reflects you and your style with a trendy feel. Here’s how! Continue reading

all new heights…
decorating for a high ceiling

We’ve talked about dealing with low ceilings and sloping ceilings, but what if you design dilemma is exactly the opposite? Those lofty ceilings may be fabulous, but they can require a bit of special attention to keep the space from feeling cavernous. How can you maintain all the drama and still have a cozy, welcoming room? The secret is in using scale and structure; here’s how. Continue reading

masculine décor…
taking it to the bedroom

masculine décor

Your bedroom should reflect the people who sleep there, so if there’s a guy in the home, embracing a more balanced or masculine décor can be a good thing. It’s time to go beyond the man cave! How do you create a more masculine (and grown up) look in the bedroom without making the place look like an old English hunting lodge? The key to a more manly look is the right mix of color, pattern and texture. It’s possible to create a luxurious and inviting bedroom that doesn’t have a single ruffle, frill or flower. Continue reading

decorate with candlelight…
it makes everything gorgeous


Candlelight is like magic. The soft, flickering light is universally flattering and sets a mood that is almost irresistible. Candles bring subtle sparkle to any space, and they’re wonderful style chameleons as well – they can be glamorous and elegant, or rustic and homey. Choose natural beeswax candles, or those made from eco-friendly soy wax, and they’re an amazingly green choice that adds unbelievable drama to your home. Go ahead, decorate with candlelight!

Continue reading

hippie chic…
groovy and green

Everything that goes around comes around. Fashion and home décor trends tend to repeat themselves, each incarnation bringing a new, more modern twist to the classic look. It should come as no surprise that shag rugs and vivid colors have come back into vogue. The colors and styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s were vivid and fun. While bringing back avocado green appliances and gas guzzling station wagons isn’t such a green idea, there are certainly some hippie chic styles we can embrace and modernize.

It was an era of upheaval, where politics, science, technology and ideals were changing radically. Not unlike today, really. It was a time when people embraced color in fashion and in their homes. Today, after years of living in the shadow of beige, color is making a comeback. Hippie chic means throwing out the rulebook on color combinations and instead opting for things you love.


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