personal style…
it’s not just for fashion

Personal Style

It’s a common refrain in fashion, “develop your personal style.” Which is a great idea. Personal style goes beyond trendy and reflects who we are to everyone around us. It should feel effortless and timeless, and it should always just seem “right” for us. Home décor really isn’t any different. The same advice you apply to fashion can be applied at home. Your personal style should dictate what your home looks like, sometimes that may include trends, and other times it may include classics. How well does fashion advice translate into home décor? Let’s find out. Continue reading

green from the start…
building sustainably

green home, building sustainably

This week, we’re focusing on livable green home design. Decorating the inside of your home with cool, stylish, eco-friendly products is a smart step for everyone, no matter whether they’re in an urban apartment or a rural rancher. But if you’re about to build your own home, giving a little thought to green design takes the beauty of green to a whole new level. Continue reading

virtual rearranging…
saving your aching back one app at a time


Ever sat in your favorite chair and wondered what the view would be like from another part of the room? Or how your walls would look painted that rich red you love so much? We’ve all got an inner interior designer lurking within us, and most of the time, what stops us from acting on those ideas is a combination of fear (not wanting to make a mistake) and darn it, moving furniture is hard work! Continue reading

drab to fab…
planning makes perfect


We’ve all watched enough design shows and read enough design magazines, blogs and websites that we know good design doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes thought and work to take a room from drab to fab. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choices when you’re looking at a blank slate and literally hundreds of decorating options. Or to feel stuck when faced with the same ole room for yet another day, and you just can’t decide what to do to change it. Continue reading