a year of freshness… keeping herbs all year long


As we get deeper into fall, the fresh herbs of summer fade into memory. Gardeners in more temperate climates, or who have container gardens in protected spaces may still be eking out a few fresh leaves from their plants. But there are ways to hold onto summer’s bounty even longer. Before your perennial herbs go dormant and your annuals go to seed or die down, it’s time to harvest one last time. With careful preservation, you can stretch those herbs into next spring. Continue reading

just peaches…
a taste of summer abundance


It’s high summer at the farmer’s market and the peaches are out in abundance. There are only so many peaches you can eat out of hand, but fortunately, they’re an easy fruit to hold on to. When you’re all done making peach crisps and cobblers, and you’ve even tried your hand at a peach-mango curry, and you’ve still got peaches, what do you do?

You capture the essence of summer to enjoy later in the year, of course! Continue reading

eat your green
globally conscious dining


We’ve all been there, sitting at our favorite restaurant, staring at the menu and wondering what to eat. But instead of deciding whether to have Clams Casino before our Surf and Turf, we’re pouring over the fish list, desperately trying to recall if Mahi Mahi is OK to eat, and if so, what questions do we need to ask about it.

Continue reading