let the holiday shopping begin…
from home!

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Are you looking at the calendar and realizing that the holiday shopping season is just a few days away? If the thought of braving the cold in the pre-dawn hours to do battle for the best deals in a frenzied dash to save money and score the perfect gifts leaves you ready to just write off the whole holiday season, we’ve got a better plan. Instead of dealing with malls, and traffic, and parking, and crowds, and… whew! We get tired just thinking about it! It’s a mad dash! Are you ready? Get set! And…

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holiday gift giving…
green gifts for the host

It used to be so simple, if you were invited to dinner at someone’s home, you brought along a bottle of wine; maybe a bouquet of flowers. At larger parties, any small token, like a small box of chocolates, or a pretty candle, were completely acceptable. Today, things are a bit more complicated. Is the party being hosted by a couple? Or a single person, and of which gender? Is there a theme? Do your hosts drink, and if so do they prefer wine or beer? It’s all too much. We’ve decided to simplify the process. All you need to know is just a little bit about your hosts, and you can choose the ideal, sustainable gift they’re sure to love. Take a look at our picks!

If your host loves to cook, or their entertaining always centers around food. Try luxuriously delicious, all organic olive oils from Italy. Or wrap a bottle of their favorite vintage in a natural linen tea towel for an extra special presentation. Most hosts can never have too many serving trays, and a slate tray makes the perfect cheese board.

For the sentimental host (also ideal for parents or grandparents). Photo frames are terrific gifts, especially if you can fill it with an image of special times. A beautiful holiday ornament will make them smile every time they decorate their tree for years to come.

If your host keeps a garden, seasonal flowers in a recycled steel pail are a gorgeous and green choice. Garden markers are always appreciated and a good quality, organic soap will go a long way to keeping hands clean, and soft.

And if you just don’t know and you need a reliable green gift, you can’t go wrong with these. Organic, edible herb wreaths are a delightful departure from traditional holiday greenery. Candles are always a classic host gift, made even better when they’re made from earth-friendly wax and fragrances, and housed in recycled glass containers. Decorate your gift with a holiday ornament to make it even more special.

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spice up your holiday décor…
herbal wreaths make great seasonings

Wreaths and swags of evergreen and seasonal flowers have long been a part of holiday traditions. From the welcoming wreath on the front door to swags of wintery pine that adorn the mantle and stair, holiday greenery is a symbol of growth and life. Traditional wreaths are made from pine, holly or bay laurel decorated with berries, pine cones, fruits and seasonal flowers and ribbon. Herb wreaths are gaining in popularity as well, making a perfect holiday decoration for a cook or foodie.

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host gifts…
good for them and you…
and the planet

Host Gifts

It’s the holidays, and that means parties and dinners and events galore. Bringing along a gift for the host is, of course, traditional. Bringing along a bottle of your favorite vino is nice, as are flowers. The secret to a great host gift is to make it something simple and useful that doesn’t require a lot of work on the host’s part (so, houseplants are out unless you know the host has a green thumb). That’s why wine and flowers are the usual, they’re easy and almost universally appreciated. Continue reading

greening up for dad

Fathers day

Honoring Mom on Mother’s Day with a green gift just seems natural. After all, this is our Mother Earth and we talk about Mother Nature. But does that leave Dad out in the cold?


When it comes to Father’s Day, whether your dad is certifiably green or just smiles at nods when you talk about environmental change, it is possible to honor your father and your Mother Earth at the same time. Continue reading