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Spring was over months ago, so why am I still sneezing? Seasonal allergies are a pain, but at least there is an end in sight. Indoor allergies are a completely different thing and can go on all year long. One of the biggest causes of indoor allergies is pet dander. Whether you just don’t want to give up your favorite furry friend, or you want to make your house more accessible to friends who have pet allergies, there are easy ways to reduce the amount of indoor allergens in your home. The two most common ones are dust and dander, other common triggers are cleaning supplies, transfer of pollen from outdoors, and irritants found in things like paint, adhesives and other household goods. First step, switch to eco-friendly cleaning solutions and opt for low- to no-VOC paints. Now let’s get control of these household allergens! Continue reading

out with the old…
detoxing your home

Detox Home

Most of us have done a detox of some sort, acting to help clear internal toxins, but have you detoxed your home? It’s surprising how many unpleasant chemicals can be found around the average household. Spring time, and the traditional spring cleaning, is the perfect time to give your home a detox. Indoor air is typically more polluted than outdoor air thanks to thinks like home insulation, wall-to-wall carpeting, cleaning products, adhesives, and all the things we use to keep our homes nice, neat and pleasant to be in. While it’s not possible to completely eliminate potentially harmful chemicals from our lives, it is very possible to reduce the number of them in our homes, and their impact on us. Continue reading