Christmas Wreaths Your Neighbors Won’t Have…But You Will!

Looking to deck the halls with something unique, beautiful…and even edible? Bambeco’s artisanal holiday wreaths are 100% sustainable and hand-crafted from all-natural materials right here in the USA. Each of our wreaths are made extra full to compensate for natural “shedding” during shipment and ensure it looks its best long after the last present is opened. Here are some of our favorites from this year’s holiday wreath collection.

Artisanal Holiday Pinecone & Berry Wreath

artisanal holiday pinecone and berry

A brilliant and bold holiday expression at your door or in your home, this wreath is made with sphagnum moss base, pinecones and canella berries grown naturally, air-dried and hand-assembled on California farms. Shop the Artisanal Holiday Pinecone & Berry Wreath >>

Artisanal Apple Holiday Wreath

apple holiday wreath

Grown naturally, hand-harvested, and handcrafted in California, this beautiful wreath combines salal, fir, baby eucalyptus, pine cones, red canella berries, and red apple berries for a style pulled straight from the autumn harvest. Pair it with the matching garland for a cohesive front porch welcome. Shop the Artisanal Apple Holiday Wreath >>

Artisanal Holiday Swag

artisan holiday swagAdd a touch of traditional holiday décor with our festive 24-inch swag made from all-natural cedar, boxwood, curly willow and canella berries, all adorned with a burlap ribbon. Try several swags around the house on doors, in the kitchen or straddling the fireplace. Shop the Artisanal Holiday Swag >>

Organic Bay Leaf Swag with Chilies 

organic bay leaf swag with chilies

Certified organic bay leaves are hand woven into this aromatic and eye-pleasing wreath. Accented with three sets of bright red chili peppers for a festive holiday touch, this beautiful wreath will fill your home with wonderful aromas and provide handy spices for mouth-watering dishes for months to come. Hang and enjoy for looks, or place it with easy access for cooking, the herbs are edible and will dry naturally over time. Shop the Organic Bay Leaf Swag with Chilies >>

Bay Leaf Wreath with Rosemary

 Bay Leaf Wreath with Rosemary

With fresh, all natural California bay leaves woven with organic rosemary, this wreath makes a bold and fragrant statement. Perfect for holiday decorating, gift giving or as an ornament to enjoy throughout the year, hang this beautiful piece in your kitchen for easy access in flavoring cuisine! Shop the Bay Leaf Wreath with Rosemary >>

Organic Three Herb Wreath

three herb wreath

A striking seasonal addition to your home, fresh organic bay leaves are harvested and gathered to make these handmade all natural wreaths. Organic rosemary and thyme are then added to make them into fragrant 3-herb wreaths. Each is beautifully crafted and accented with fresh red chili peppers. They’re the perfect gift for any occasion and a striking holiday addition to your home. You can also enjoy the fresh, organic herbs in cuisine all year long! Shop the Organic Three Herb Wreath >>

Artisanal Artichoke and Herb Wreath

artichoke and herb wreath

An earthy mix of colors, this handcrafted wreath is the perfect welcome to a new season or new year. Featuring sage, marjoram, savory, chilis, lavender, tansy, fresh bay, and dried artichoke, this wreath features a unique mix of purple and orange against a lush verdant backdrop. Handmade in California, each plant is grown organically without pesticides or fertilizers, hand picked, and lovingly assembled to give it an extra long life. Shop the Artisanal Artichoke and Herb Wreath >>

Artisanal Fragrant White Rose Wreath

white rose wreath

Fresh and fanciful, this gorgeous wreath is made with dried herbs from the fields of California. Bundles of white dried roses are then intermingled with spiral eucalyptus, salal, cedar, German and white statice, and tallow berries to create a breathtaking holiday statement piece. Shop the Artisanal Fragrant White Rose Wreath >>