quick fixes to sell…

If you’ve put off listing your home because you haven’t gotten around to those renovations yet, it might be time to think again. Unless you’ve got a woefully outdated kitchen, or serious cosmetic damage that puts your home’s perceived value well under the rest of your neighborhood, check with a local agent. You might be surprised. Many agents now suggest forgoing major renovations because the new owners will want a space that reflects their lifestyle, not yours.

Still, you want to get the most bang for your buck and keep things green while you’re at it. Here are some fast, easy, and best of all, affordable ways to increase your home’s perceived value and appeal.

  1. Clean it up. Pay special attention to the outside appearance of your home. It’s not called curb appeal for nothing. Clean everything well, fix what needs fixing, paint what needs painting. And consider putting in some potted plants to create a welcoming look.
  2. Make sure your front door looks and sounds good. Most homeowners come in from the garage entrance, so it’s easy to forget the door. Freshen it up to give potential buyers a good impression.
  3. Come on in. Take stock of your entryway. Give it a good clean up, declutter, and make the space as welcoming as possible. Add a new welcome mat while you’re at it. People will wipe their feet as they come in, and the first thing they’ll do is look down. Make sure your floors are in tip-top shape.
  4. Light some candles. You don’t want your home to smell perfumey, that screams cover up. But you do want it to smell fresh and clean. Clean out litter boxes, bathe the animals, remove stinky sports equipment, vacuum all your upholstery, take out the trash, and finally, light a few gently scented candles to give a fresh, clean scent without creating sensory overload.
  5. Paint it if you have to. Strong colors, lots of nail holes, or damaged walls from peeling wall are not buyer friendly, for very different reasons. Create a canvas that’s as clean and neutral as possible to attract a potential buyer.
  6. Declutter everything. Don’t just clean, declutter. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom. If a buyer sees your counters cluttered with stuff, their first thought will be that there isn’t ample storage space—no matter what the reality!
  7. Ensure all doors and drawers work the way they should. That means oil them, tighten them, destock them, or whatever you have to do to make sure doors stay closed when you close them, and drawers open and close smoothly.
  8. Clean those shiny surfaces—appliances, windows, tile floors, sinks, etc. Anything that should look shiny needs to be shiny. Even the cleanest home will look less attractive if shiny things are smudge-covered.
  9. Dress your home as if you had guests coming. Put clean, new towels in the bathrooms. Make the beds with your best bedding. Go through your home as if you had important company coming and make every space “guest ready”.
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